Alipay & WeChat Pay : an opportunity for merchants

Alipay and WeChat Pay are two "super-apps" that include: social media, daily life, shopping, and mobile payment. They are nowadays the most popular payment solution in China either online or in-store.

1.4 billion users
1.2 billion users

With Alipay and WeChat Pay by Banque Edel, attract new customers

Chinese customer online purchases have increased tremendously in 2021, especially on European or French websites, with billions of euros spent. A strong growth is expected until at least 2026.

In stores, sales are still relevant due to Chinese expatriates living in France and using their mobile payment solution. Since the beginning of the pandemic, our partners have resumed the promotion of their products though virtual supports and video meetings with personal shoppers.

In that context, being able to provide to your Chinese customers online payments with their favorite payment solution is a genuine opportunity to increase sales, especially in luxury, cosmetics and local produce sectors.

By implementing Alipay & WeChat Pay by Banque Edel, merchants offer to their clients a familiar and reassuring customer experience that should have a great impact on sales. They also benefit of a stronger visibility and a privileged relationship with users through their app (shop is localised inside the app and promotional campaigns are also relayed in it).

Discover Alipay & WeChat Pay by Banque Edel, a secure turnkey solution

As a specialist in electronic banking, Banque Edel brings security and ease of use as essential prerequisites for its offers, with a smooth payment path for the customer and the merchant. Alipay & WeChat Pay by Banque Edel is a complete remote or in-store acceptance solution.

NEW: follow online sales development

In order to make online shopping easier, we are offering now two different remote payment solutions:

• online payment with the integration of an Alipay and WeChat Pay option on the commercial website.
• secure remote payment by mail with our Edelpay mail solution, especially useful to complete sales following a personalised exchange with the customer.

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Benefits of Alipay & WeChat Pay by Banque Edel

Sign a single contract with Banque Edel, no account opening. A dedicated terminal working both with Wifi or 3G is installed at the trader. This device has no impact on the existing ECR or payment environment, thus making it usable at once.

Integrating the acceptance solution directly inside the ECR is also possible using the SDK provided.
The Alipay & WeChat Pay by Banque Edel application allows accepting and manage payments.

Real time access to transactions, secured payment cancel and refund available.
Every transaction made with Alipay is guaranteed and paid to the merchant. No data stored inside the device.

Transactions are made available to the merchant by wire transfer on his choses account.

Customer review

«Alipay & WeChat Pay by Banque Edel is really easy to use. The teams are very available and have allowed us to quickly and easily integrate this means of payment into our stores. Accepting Alipay & WeChat Pay payments is a differentiating factor for us and our customers. This can be a key factor in concluding a sale.»

Damien - Account Manager